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New Experiment: Notes on Search Results by Google

Another lab experiment is on the run but users have the option to turn on or off as per their will.

Notes is a new feature that allows searchers to get a quick update on the previous experience of users. Let me make it easier for you.

When you use google to search for an article or topic, right below the meta description you will have the option to add notes or read previous notes.

The purpose behind launching this new lab experiment is to make users find helpful tips related to different articles or topics. This helps you focus on the most pertinent information while also giving you the opportunity to see what solutions others who have been there before have found successful.

According to Google, in order to make sure the notes are relevant and helpful rather than spammy and abusive, it employs both algorithmic safeguards and human reviews.

Additionally, searchers have the option to report problematic notes.

Google can crawl the notes to use them for ranking. However, this ranking only applies to the notes feature. It is not planned by Google to use the notes to determine how users are ranked in the standard search results. The notes on this notes page are the only items that can be ranked using this ranking feature.

Adding more, fewer, or different kinds of notes won’t affect the search result listing’s ranking or its position on the page because notes have no bearing on the site’s rankings.

How it works?

When you turn on this feature, you will gain the option to view, create, and share your notes on Google search results as well as Google Discover. You will find two options below the search result snippet.

Add Note and #Note

The Add Note button allows you to create a new note on the search result listing.

#Note button will display the number of notes available for specific search result listing.

You can add texts, stickers, GIFs, and images to your notes as per your choice. Additionally, a link in the footer of each note takes readers directly to the relevant webpage.


The feature is available on the Google App and in mobile search results in Hindi and English in India, as well as English in the United States, as a Search Labs feature.


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