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Google Unveils Personal Search: Introducing Follow Button and Personalized Ranking

After adding a new feature “Notes on Google Search“, the platform is coming with new features that will make your search experience more interesting. Google is looking forward to adding a follow button in search results to make it easier for readers to subscribe to the topics they find relevant or interesting.

Follow Button in Google Search

A new feature is rolling out – “Follow Button in Google Search” that will make your search more personalized.

Once you follow a topic, Google will make sure you get quick updates on it in the search results. It will even notify you about the recent update using the Google App.

By adding these interesting features to the search results, Google is making the content easier to find and changing how your search results will appear.

How to Subscribe?

Here is a screenshot of how your search results will appear in the coming period:

You can click on the follow button and subscribe to the topic.

When you do that, you will start receiving updates related to the followed topic in your home feed. If you are using Google App, you can enable notification settings to receive updates whenever new information is released on Google.

You can even unfollow or unsubscribe from a topic in the future if needed.

It should be noted that this feature is not applicable to “sensitive” topics.


In the upcoming weeks, it will initially appear in US English search results on the Google App and in mobile search results.

What will Change?

A new section will be added to your screen as “News for you” that will highlight all the information related to the topics you will follow.

Depending on what you follow, Google may also modify the search snippets to display tailored content for you in the search results.

Additionally, Google Discover might notify you when new information related to that subject becomes available.

You might also notice search buttons in Google Discover that you can click on to delve further into Google Search for the topics you have subscribed to.

Selective Search Results

Google will soon launch another feature that will display results from the websites that you frequently visit and give high priority to search results. Like with the previous query, you might see different search results from Google depending on how recently you searched. However, in this instance, Google is displaying the site that you visit more frequently than other sites based on how frequently you visit those sites over an extended period of time.

For this reason, Google may choose, especially for you, to give this site’s content a higher ranking than that of other websites that write on the same subject. While the results your friend sees might be different and arranged differently.

For this feature, you won’t have to follow a topic.

Search History – Google will notify you when your search history is kept for this degree of customization. This feature cannot be disabled without disabling all personalization or exiting Google Search while performing a search.

Google might label the search results that were tailored specifically for you as “you visit often.”

In the event that a result is ranked higher because you visit the website more frequently, Google will also display you in the “about this result” feature.

According to Google, English-speaking users in the US will be able to access this through Google Search later this year.

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