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YouTube Testing “Add Yours” Feature in Shorts

Earlier, Instagram added the “Add Yours” sticker to allow users to engage and create threads or a chain of responses with their common friends. This new feature grabbed a lot of attention and went viral among Instagram users.

Now, YouTube is also testing this feature to encourage YouTube Shorts creators to participate in trends. The feature is in the testing phase with a few channels only right now. The purpose of introducing this feature on YouTube Platforms is to prompt responses from the audience and create exciting viral challenges and trends.

YouTube wants to increase the number of short videos count by making trends easier to create and participate in.

How Does the “Add Yours” Feature Work in YouTube Shorts?

  1. When creating a Short, only the test group creators will have an option in the sticker picker to “Add yours.”
  2. Once a short video has been recorded, hit “Next,” then the sticker icon, and then “Add yours.”
  3. Now, type a prompt or question for other users to respond
  4. Once you hit next, the sticker is going to show up over the published Short.
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Viewer Interaction/Engagement

Any user when watching shorts with the “Add yours” sticker may join and be a part of the challenge by clicking on the sticker and creating a response video.

The channel authorities can track the engagement using these stickers. This gives you access to all the Shorts made in response to your prompt, offering possible criticism and insights.

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How It Will Help You?

Let’s have a look at some possible uses for YouTube’s new “Add Yours” sticker for Shorts, as demonstrated by a creator in the SEO community.

Example: β€œ30-Second SMO Tip”

  • Initial Short: List down a quick SMO tip to amplify your ranking like Micro-Blogging, Social Integration, Bookmarking
  • Sticker: β€œ30-second SMO tip you wanna share!”
  • Caption: Maximize your social media impact! What’s your top engagement strategy? #30SecSMOTip
  • Result: Other creators who might know some of their best techniques would contribute to your SMO tips sticker.

This short structure promotes engagement, offers instant value, and may increase your YouTube viewership.


The feature is only available on mobile devices for a selected group of short video creators on YouTube. Prior to a possible wider launch, YouTube can use this limited release to test the feature and get user feedback.

With the release of the “Add yours” sticker, YouTube is attempting to compete in the market for short-form videos, which is dominated by TikTok and Instagram Reels.

What are your thoughts on this idea?


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