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Google Search Bug Resolved

A few hours back Barry Schwartz posted an updated highlighting about the new content indexing issue. In one of his posts, he updated his audience that an indexing bug has taken over the Google Search which is why the new content is not getting indexed (published in the past hour or so).

In fact, some of the high authority sites like the New York Times, CNN, Fox News, and other top brand’s latest content posted in the past hour were not getting indexed on Google Search Results Page. One could easily check it out by themselves using the site command to search for a site status. All you had to do was go to tools and check the results for the past hour.

He even shared a few screenshots:

But, we guess, Google has removed the bug and resolved the issue.

Now, all your new content is getting indexed by Google. You can even check it in Google Webmaster.

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Here is the new screenshot: – past hour – past hour

If you were noticing your content was not being indexed earlier, Google Search has paid quick attention to your concern this time.

Within a few hours, the issue was resolved by the team.

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